Offline marketing is a form of marketing or advertisement that is released outside the internet. It effectively reach and grab the attention of people who are currently within the vicinity of the said marketing activity. In this form of marketing the internet is not needed to make people participate to gain feedback.

Pros of Offline Marketing:

  • Maximum Conversion. It is a proven method that converts a maximum possibility. If you put this marketing method into practice these method is proven that you can get tremendous results.
  • Multiple Ways. There are a lot more method of offline marketing, that you can easily reach more people even without access of computer and internet. These methods are Billboard Posters, Flyers, Postal Mailing List and a lo more.

Cons of Offline Marketing:

  • Costly. Lets admit the fact, offline marketing is costly. So this is not best method with people who has a small business and limited budget.
  • Time Taking. Offline marketing method takes time to put into place, you can not get a breaking news and expected it to be on national television in an hour. Mailing letter, posters and radio adverts take time to distribute, therefore you need a lot of planning to do.